Wedding Jewelry


Last year I had the privilege to make jewelry for an entire bridal party. Here are some of the pieces I made. My favorite is the Bride’s bracelet. I sewed it by hand. It was so elegant. Simple by stunning. I enjoyed making the Mother of the Bride’s Broach too… it was the first broach I’ve ever made. Custom pieces are by far my favorite!

Bride's bracelet

Bride’s bracelte


Bridesmaid bracelet

Mother of the Bride bracelet


Bridesmaid necklace and earrings

Mother of the Bride necklace and earrings

Broach for Mother of the Bride

Broach for Mother of the Bride


Bridesmaid bracelet

IMG_8309 (2)

Bridesmaid necklace

Welcome all you who love handmade!!!

Welcome to my site! My name is Amy… or Hunter… it depends on who you are talking to. I LOVE making things. I’m passionate about what I do. And what do I do? I make organic skin care and design jewelry! How can I NOT love it! The aroma of the honey from the beeswax filling the air as I melt it… the joy of knowing how much the ingredients are actually going to bless someone’s life because they heal skin so well. And when I make my jewelry, I just love coming up with a piece no one else will ever have but this very special customer… for their wedding day or just everyday… but either way a true one of a kind. Sometimes my daughter, who is now 2, will sit with me and bead her acrylic beads on a string while mama beads next to her. I love the possible legacy I am passing down to her in the times we spend together doing this… I love her interest in it.. and I so LOVE that she is capable at this age to patiently bead!!

I am a “domestic engineer” or “homemaker” or whatever you like to call it. I was a software test engineer for about 10 years with a little bookstore and cosmetic retail managing squeezed in there. I so longed for the life I have now and by God’s grace… it’s here. I am married to my very handsome youth pastor husband… so crazy if you knew me prior to 2005… I was saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ in 2006. Have never been the same… Praise the LORD! I have, as I mentioned, a beautiful little girl who is 2 and another wee one, girl, due to arrive in Feb 2013.

My husband loves what I do and that makes me giddy! He has a great eye and inspires me in my passion to make my jewelry. He’s simply a good man and I am thankful for him. Oh did I mention, he’s also an artist…and musician…and an intellectual type. He’s a total package for me 😉 Fan me off! Ok… maybe TMI… he would say so and he would say this isn’t true of him… (he’s also humble… though he would say he isn’t… but clearly…babe…you are :)

I hope my little corner of the world will bless your life and even inspire you in someway… if you see something on my site you just have to try to make… do it! Go! Be creative! If you’d rather just buy it… please do! I enjoy working with my customers. I enjoy watching them enjoy their purchases.

I think that is all for now! Have a wonderful day my friend!

Amy. Hunter. Osborne :)

ps. my “About Page” is somewhat of a repeat of this page… though it shares where the name of my company came from… if you’re interested… there’s also a photo of me and my baby daughter (her term for one of her baby dolls).